Newcastle to Dungog Charity Bike Ride



All entrants must read the Conditions of Entry and Release & Indemnity below and indicate their acceptance 


The following personal details are for registration, safety and news updates. They will be kept confidential in terms of Privacy laws and will not be passed on to a third party or used for any other non related marketing purpose. Note that our on-line registration data is processed by "Telligence", a Newcastle owned and operated company that we use to process the Bikeride registrations.

Registration process and numbers

All entrants first must register and pay online as prescribed below. Paid up Entrants must then report to the registration desk in the Queens Wharf Car Park, from 6.00am on 21st October 2023 to be marked off the registration list to be eligible to participate in the event. Numbers must be worn on the back of the jersey during the event.

Online registration

Please complete your details in the payment form (see link below) and then continue on to the payment page and make a payment via credit card.
The registration fee is $60.00 inc GST.
By increasing this payment amount, you can also make a donation to HMRI which will go directly to Dr Matt Dun's research into DIPG (a childhood cancer). Details of this research project is included in the Beneficiaries page.


I have read and understood the terms and conditions on this page.

1. I am aware and acknowledge that Cycling on public roads involves inherent risks, including the risk of injury to life or death and damage to property and in undertaking such activities, I do so at my own risk.

2.. I am also aware that it is a condition of participation in the Rotary Newcastle to Dungog Charity Bike Ride that Rotary, its officers and employees, agents and volunteers are released by me from all liability howsoever arising from injury or damage to both property and person howsoever caused (whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of my participation in the Event whether or not such injury or damage is due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and/or omission on the part of Rotary, its officers and employees, agents or volunteers.

3. I indemnify Rotary, its officers and employees, agents and volunteers against all loss, damage and expenses (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) arising out of or in connection with any claims, actions, proceedings or demands of any kind arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of my participation in the Event.

4. I acknowledge and agree that my participation in the Event is as a consequence of my own free will and desire and that I have read and understood the above warning, release and indemnity.

5. I warrant that I am 18 years of age or older and am lawfully able to enter into this above release and indemnity and I attest that I am physically fit and that my bike is in sound mechanical order prior to undertaking the event. Furthermore, during this event I agree to wear a cycling helmet, abide by the road rules, obey the directions of Police Officers and route marshals and ride with care and consideration of others on the road