Newcastle to Dungog Charity Bike Ride


It is the riders own responsibility to be self sufficient on this ride. However, there will be a sweep car and a sag wagon. All riders are to come to the aid of any rider who has been injured or is in difficulty. Dial 000 if there is a serious accident.


It is recommended that the following equipment be taken on this ride.

  • Mobile phone with fully charged battery.
  • Minimum of two spare inner tubes.
  • Pump and tyre levers.
  • Tyre repair kit.
  • Minimum of two 750ml Water bottles.
  • Food such as a bananas, lollies, power bars, gels etc.
  • Rain jacket, thongs etc.
  • Lunch money.

Road conditions

Road conditions on parts of Limeburners Rd and Glen Martin Rd are particularly bad and light race tyres are not recommended.

Water Stops

There will be 2 Water Stops, one at the  rest stop on the Pacific Highway at the 12 Mile Hill Rest Area south of The Buckets way turn off.and another in the grounds of the Flat Tops Bush Fire Brigade at the Pine Brush Road and Alison Road Junction

Main Hazards

  1. Intersection of Industrial Drive & Pacific Highway is very busy.
  2. Hexham Bridge across the Hunter River.  A stop and go signal will be set up to mitigate this risk but you will also need to watch your tyres on the expansion joint.
  3. Roundabout on Pacific Highway at Raymond Terrace.
  4. Buckets way and Limeburners Road which are busy, narrow  roads. Signs will be set up  to warn motorists but riders will also need to ride single file and keep to the left.

Sweep car & Sag Wagon

There will be sweep car with a mechanic and limited spares.

There will be a sag wagon to pick up riders with more mechanical or other problems as well as riders who are not going to finish by the designated cut off time of 1.30 pm.  Riders who have not finished by this time will either be picked up by the sag wagon or will be informed that they will no longer be considered as part of the event.

First Aid

We will have trained First Aid officers  covering the event. There will be First Aid at the two Water Stops and a roving First Aider in one of the cars. All marshals will have mobile phone contact with a First Aid Officer.

Road Rules

All road rules are to apply so that we will be allowed to run the event again next year.

  1. Follow the instruction of any police officer or race official.

  2. Obey traffic signals and stop at red lights.

  3. Use hand signal when stopping or to warn of any traffic hazards to any riders following closely behind.

  4. Keep left unless overtaking and use bike lanes so you do not block car traffic.

  5. Ride safely and considerately of other cyclists and road users.

  6. Ride in group behind pace setter until over the Hexham Bridge. (This is a condition of our event approval)

  7. Ride two abreast in a wide bike lane or single file on narrow roads.

  8. Help any rider who needs assistance.

  9. No participant is to wear headphones or similar devices whilst participating in the event, and shall remain alert of their surroundings and attentive to instructions given by organisers or other authorities

Event withdrawal

Please contact the nearest marshal if you are unable to continue. We need to be  notified for safety purposes so that you are not unaccounted for at the finish. A marshal can also contact the sag wagon. The sag wagon can take you to the water stops or finish where there will be refreshments and a safe place to be picked up by relatives etc.

Contingency Plan

The ride will go ahead rain hail or shine. However, in the case where police deem conditions to be unsafe to host the event then we will advise cancellation on the news section of our website. We will also endeavour to contact participants by email or sms.
If the event is cancelled we may do one or more of the following:

  • Reschedule to the next day, Sunday 25th September 2022

  • Offer a full refund.

  • Reschedule to another time TBA.