Newcastle to Dungog Charity Bike Ride


Start Location

The start is at the Queens Wharf Hotel Car Park Wharf Road from 6.30am but riders are required to register on site from 6.00am. All Riders and Paticipants will be expected to comply with any restrictions associated with COVID-19 Regulations.


Registration will open at 6.00am at Queens Wharf Hotel Car Park. Rider Number Bibs will be mailed to all riders registerd on or before 17th September. Riders registered after this date are to collect their Bibs at the Registration Desk. Rider Numbers must be visible during the Ride


Our approval conditions require that we must have groups of no more than 30 cyclists escorted by vehicle to the Hexham bridge. Riders are asked to self seed into the groups as detailed below. After the Heham bridge riders can ride single file at their own pace.

There will be a staggered start between 6.30am and 7.00am with riders self classified in different groups depending on ability. Each group is to have a maximum of 30 riders and the number of groups will depend on the total number on the day.

The faster riders should start in the first groups and the slower riders start last with average riders in the middle.


Riders will be self classified in the following groups with the following anticipated pace as a guide. Additional groups will be formed depending on numbers on the day.

  1. Elite -                Pace: 35kmph, Start 6.30am.
  2. Club -                Pace: 30kmph, Start 6.35am.
  3. Tourers -            Pace: 25kmph, Start 6.40am.
  4. Cruisers -           Pace 20kmph, Start 6.45am
  5. Charleys -          Pace 15 kmph, Start 6.50 am.
  6. Late arivals -      Start when directed by Starter       

Pace and formation

Up to the Hexham Bridge, Riders are required to ride two abreast in peloton formation in the bike lane. Single file is required when the bike lane narrows or disappears. Single file is required along the Buckets Way and Limeburners Creek Road all the way to the finish. Riders must keep left, stay in the bike lane where ever possible, obey traffic signals and follow the road rules. There will be a stop and go signal at the Hexham bridge to assist cyclists merging with western approach traffic. Failure to follow the rules may result in the event being cancelled next year.

Parking and facilities

There will be very limited parking and toilet facilities near the start.